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CAMP ROYALE – BEST alternative to Brompton folding bicycle

Lately, I purchased a Camp Royale, which is a 6 speed foldable bicycle. As I m a home tutor, it was essential for me to have a bike to go to work, run all my errands, as I live with my family. Before I got a bicycle, I made sure that I went through a lot of reviews and opinions from experts. I saw a lot of suggestions and reviews about Brompton, but then it was a little above my budget, still I gave it a look.

Then I saw one my friends Instagram post, he had bought a folding bicycle recently. When I enquired, he passed me on the details and also recommended me the bicycle brand CAMP. Soon I went down to the MOBOT bike shop to take a look at their bicycles. They have a wide range of bikes that can be folded as well as the normal ones. For my purpose I need a foldable bike for my convenience to move it around in the public transport and storage.

The Camp Royale caught my eyes among all the other ones. It was smooth to ride, and the gear shifts was very clean. To be honest I couldn’t feel much difference with Brompton, I felt it almost the same. The bike could be folded to an extremely compactable size, furthermore it was quite light. The bike costs $1399, which was something around what I had in my mind.

I purchased it right away, and promised to deliver the next week. It was a drawback, I was expecting to take the bike home with me but I had to wait for 5 days. After a week’s wait, my foldable bike was home delivered, it was pre-assembled.

It’s been 3 month now since I purchased the folding bike, I’m quite happy with it. Within this time span, I got to realize it strength. The bike is made of Chrome alloy steel, which is strong and provide high strength and endurance to the frame. Besides, the foldable bike is light weight, it weighs 13.1 kg. This help women like me to carry it and shift it in lift, escalator, bus or MRT.

The foldable property offers a lot of convenience. As in my case, I travel from one place to another as per my class schedule, it is easy for me to store the bike at a minimum space available, so is with the storage at home. I can simply keep it folded next to my shoe rack. It does not occupies a noticeable space.

The most attractive feature about Camp Royale was that, it had a trolley attached to it that helps in pushing around the bike when folded. This is the main reason why I was so impressed by this bike. The trolley made my life much easier as I didn’t have to carry the bike around. Also it comes with an air pump. The air pump has a holder attached to the bike, and the pump remains unnoticed and neat.

The Camp Royale is a 6 speed bicycle. It has 2 external gears and 3 internal gears, and their combinations gives us 6 speed. The key point to remember the internal gear is that I shouldn’t be changed while pedaling, apart from this it just works as a normal gear.

The seat can be adjust to a great extent. It is a very cool feature, the foldable bike can be made to the size perfect to child as well as to an adult. I adjust the seat whenever my 8 year old brother wants ride. Also, The pedals are also foldable.

Although the bike uses a 16 inch Kenda tyre I have noticed that the tyres have a tendency slip on the wet road. This can be dangerous on rainy days if not ridden with care.

Speaking about the brake, it comes with a Linear Pull brake system, which is a side-pull version of cantilever brakes and mount on the same frame bosses. However, the arms are longer, with the cable housing attached to one arm and the cable to the other. As the cable pulls against the housing the arms are drawn together.

In a nutshell, I’m quite happy with my purchase and would Mobot bicycle shop it to the people who are looking for a foldable bike with quality at an affordable range.

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